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This page is dedicated to my thru the mail and in-person sports autograph successes. I do not sell or trade my autographs. Thanks for visiting my site, if you have any questions please e-mail me at the address below.


08/04/20- One in today from the world of baseball. Ex-MLB reliever Steve Reed signed signed 1 card for me in 82 days from his home address. Thats all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

08/03/20- Jose Rijo from a private signing with Past Pros. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!

08/01/20- Local ex-NFL RB Olandis Gary signed two cards in 84 days from his home in Bowie. Olandis also answered all three questions for me. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/24/20- Mail today is from a private signing with Tom Orr from AtommicSports. Sammy Sosa signed 8x10. Sammy and Mark McGwire put on a show in the summer of 1998. Mark ended up hitting 70 bombs and Sammy 66 in a season no one will forget. That's all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

07/16/20- One from the NBA, ex-Clippers C Stanley Roberts signed one card in 10 days and answered my questions. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/13/20- I nice mail day today. Actor Harvey Keitel signed my photo in just under a month from his home in CA. Mr. Keitel is one of my favorite actors. Glad to get this one back. Next we jump to the NBA where 2001 Slam Dunk Champ Desmond Mason signed my card in just under a month and answered my questions. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/09/20- Today's success isn't a TTM but a purchase. Mr.National, Ryan Zimmerman game used signed cleats! This automatically becomes one of my favorite pieces. Sports Card Heroes in Silver Spring MD had these on their online eBay store. They had a price and a Make Offer option. I made them an offer and they accepted! He came with a James Spence certificate of authenticity. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/07/20- One of the guys I have tried over 10 times through the years. Legendary coach Phil Jackson signed 2 cards in just over two months from his home in Montana. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/02/20- This isnít a TTM success. I purchased this from Colin at Past Pros. He gave me a really good deal. I really want to add a Mike Trout autograph, but wow they are 💰 💰 💰. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

07/01/20- Sopranos mail day. The actor who played Paulie Walnuts Tony Sirico signed the 4x6 I sent from his home addy, which of course is located in Brooklyn. That's all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

06/25/20- Got one back from my favorite series of all time The Sopranos. Vincent Pastore, best know for his role as Salvatore "Big Pussy "Bonpensiero signed in 5days from his home in the Bronx NY. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/23/20- Well, I had to wait a week in between successes. Today brought two, one from the world of Baseball and one from Basketball. First, 1999 NBA Champion Jaren Jackson signed one card in 14 days from his home in TN. Second, ex-MLB P Scott Schoeneweis signed 1 card in 14 days from his home in Arizona. Neither player answered my questions. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/15/20- Nice way to start the week! First it was Andre Ware, then William Andrews. Now Jermaine Dye has finally made it to my mailbox! In just under a month Jermaine signed all 3 cards I sent, unfortunately he didn't answer the questions but I will definitely take the ink instead! That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/13/20- After a few days of a quiet mailbox one in today. Ex-Red Sox RF Troy O'Leary signed 1 card in 12 days from his home in AZ. That's all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

06/09/20- Nice mail day! Three successes to report. First, HOF Basketball Coach Gary Williams signed 1 card in two weeks from his home address, Gary also answered my 3 questions. Next, ex-MLB pitcher Pete Broberg signed in 8 day's from his home addy. Pete didn't answer my questions. Finally, one of my White Whales. I have tried William Andrews over 10 times through the years, today I received him back on two cards in 11 days from his home address. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/05/20-Ex-MLB pitcher Sid Monge signed two cardsI sent. Mr Monge was kind enough to send a signed 5x7 of his own and answer my question. Another really cool response. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/04/20- Ex-Patriots and Broncos WR Wes Welker signed in 36 days. Wes didnít answer my question. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

06/01/20- NBA Champion with the Portland TrailBlazers Bob Gross signed in 6 days! I sent from MD to his home in Happy Valley OR. That's a fast turnaround. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/28/20- Was really happy to get this one back. Six time Pro Bowler, one of the 80 greatest Redskins. He was inducted into the Redskins Ring of Honor in 2019 ex-Skins LT Chris Samuels signed my jersey card in 17 days. I know what you are thinking, the swatch is blue? The swatch came from Chris's 2008 Pro Bowl Jersey. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/26/20- Ex-MLB pitcher Stan Williams signed my card for me. Mr Williams also answered my questions. He had some great answers you can read them above or in the Baseball Successes. Mr Williams took great care sending my card back. He cut a piece of cardboard and put it in the envelope. He cut the envelope I sent everything in to wrap around the card and the cardboard, he wrote Photo Do Not Bend on the front of the envelope. He used the self sealing envelope I sent but taped both ends and put a sticker on the flap and one of his own return labels in the upper left hand corner. The amount of care he put in to this to make sure my card made it back to me is incredible. This has become one of my favorite returns. Thank You Mr. Williams. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/22/20- One to report today, ex-NFL/AFL WR Darrin Chiaverini. Darrin is currently the oc/WR coach the University of Colorado. He signed in 24 days from home. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/18/20- Two in today. First, NBA HOFer Artis Gilmore signed the card I sent. I included his $20 signing fee. Next up, 1989 Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware signed three cards for me but did not answer my questions. That's all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/11/20- No TTM's to report but I did get two eBay purchases in. Both are Nationals prospects. First, SS Luis Garcia who is the Nats top prospect. Next is one of the Nats top pitching prospects RHP Jackson Rutledge. That's all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

05/10/20- After a long hiatus I am back to the crazy world of TTM autograph collecting. These are some of the things I got while on hiatus. The Ravens and the Chargers minis came from the CSA Autograph Show in Chantilly VA. 2018-2019. The Ravens helmet has Ray Lewis w/HOFyr on one side and Ed Reed w/HOFyr on the other. The Chargers helmet has Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow on one side w/ HOFyr and Charlie Joiner w/HOFyr. The next two photos are eBay purchases. The first has Fernando Tatis Jr, Mason Denaburg, HOF plaque of Frank Thomasa, Jari Kurri and Harrison Bader. The second has Mitch Richmond, Carter Kieboom, Seth Romero, Mariano Rivera Jr, Dustin Fowler, Pedro Severino, Eric Fedde and Sean Newcomb. The last picture is of all of the TTM's I received during my hiatus. Jenna Elfman, Teri Hatcher, Kelly Goodburn, Alfonso Soriano, Shareef Abdur-Rahim on a game used jersey card, Bartolo Colon, Cla Meredith, Magglio Ordonez, Fred"The Hammer"Williamson, Frank Reich, Robert Reid was a gift from Jay Grossman the man who owns/runs Sports Collectors Net, Candy Maldonado, Al Iafrate, Dustin Hermanson, Rocket Ismail, Daniel Robertson, Derrius Guice, Dan Hampton, Tony Jones and Rich Aurila. So that gets us caught up for the last almost two years. I have started sending requests out and hope to have some good stuff to report. That's all for now GOD BLESS !!!


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