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This page is dedicated to my thru the mail and in-person sports autograph successes. I do not sell or trade my autographs. Thanks for visiting my site, if you have any questions please e-mail me at the address below.


06/18/21- FINALLY! I have a real success to report, lol. Ex-Dolphins/Eagles rb and current professional gamer for the Philadelphia Union Jay Ajayi signed in month from his home in Texas. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/26/21- Redskins punter Tress Way signed my Oklahoma ticket stub. Actually, he signed twice. The first time I sent it he signed the protective sleeve. I sent with a note and he returned it signed in 6 days. ThTs all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/03/21- After a lengthy dry spell I have something to report. Ex-major league reliever Damaso Marte signed my card in just under a year, 355 days. Thatís all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

04/16/21- One in from a Private Signing and a TTM. The Private Signing was through Chris Rifon of East Coast Collectors Service. Iíve worked with Chris several times and he always delivers. This time he delivers Charlie Sheen. 8x10 came out great, Thanks Chris! Next the TTM is from the frozen pond. Ex-Sabres RW Jason Dawe signed in 23 days from his home in NC. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/13/21- Roger Clemens back from a private Signing with Alan Moore. Really like the Then and Now dual jersey card. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/08/21- Three time World Series Champion Clay Bellinger. Clay didnít get his first call up until the age of 30. Clay signed my card in 62 days from his home addy. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/03/21- NFL HOFíer Johnny Robinson signed my card in 11 days and answered my question. Johnny is the ninth member of the Chiefs Super Bowl IV to be inducted. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/02/21- NBA HOFíer Spencer Haywood signed my card in 25 days. I included $15. He didnít answer my questions. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/01/21- Ex-Cowboys T and three time Super Bowl Champ Erik Williams signed my card in 8 days, answered my and sent a nice note on the back of the sase.I included a $10 donation. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/25/21- 1969 NFL MVP Roman Gabriel signed my card in my card in 17 days. Roman also answered my questions. I sent $10 to his charity RG/Mac Williams. He returned it with a note on the back of the check that said Please send check made out to Roman Gabriel. I will send that out tomorrow. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/20/21- Ex-CB/KR/PR Tyrone Hughes signed my cards in 173 days. Tyrone was one of the best return men in the league during his career, especially with the Saints. Thatís al for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/16/21- Ex-NFL WR Mark Ingram Sr. Signed my card in 36 days. Mark was best known for two particular plays during his career. In Super Bowl XXV as a member of the Giants he maneuvered around and through at least 5 Bills defenders for a critical first down. The 2nd play? As a member of the Dolphins Mark caught 4 TDís against the Jets. The last one was the game winner. Marino rushed to the line acted like he was going to spike the ball. When it was snapped he faked the spike and lobbed a TD to Ingram for the win! Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/13/21- One of the most talented and controversial players ever, Duane Thomas signed my card in 24 days. He didnít answer my questionnaire. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/06/21- One of my favorite Bullets ever, Jeff Malone signed my card in 259 days. Jeff returned my $10, but didnít answer my questions.Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/02/21- One of the most under appreciated Redskins of all time, Jason Campbell. I really believe that Jason would have been a Pro Bowl level or better qb if Joe Gibbs had of stayed. Jason signed my card in 13 days and was kind enough to include a signed card of his own. Jason answered my questions and included a nice Thank You note. A huge Thank You to my longtime friend Mark of Markís Signing Bonus fame for his help with this success. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/27/21- One TTM and one back from a private signing. First the TTM, another waaaaaaayyy back Peter Bondra! This one was sent 02/22/03!!! After a mere 18 years and 4 days the card I sent came back signed with Past Pros written on the front of the return envelope. My longest return to date, 6,579 days=18 yrs 4 days! Crazy!!! The private signing was with Doug Keating of Carboard Promotions, 6x All Star and 07 WS Champ Johnathan Papelbon signed my card. Thatís all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

02/25/21- One in today, ex-NFL RB Jerris McPhail signed one card in 8 days. Jerris also answered my questions. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/23/21- A surprise success from loooonnngg ago. He hit two grand slams in one inning, Fernando Tatis signed in 2,822 days. It came postmarked from Miami, FL. Funny thing is I received an RTS back in June of 2020 from his current address in Coral Springs, FL. Shocked and happy to get this one back. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/22/21- Two nice successes in today. Both from the gridiron, one college and one pro. First, the college success. Alabama legend Major Ogilvie signed my card and sent me a daily devotional card that had a verse that Bear Bryant kept in his wallet. I had written in my letter about my Dadís love of Bear Bryant. Even though I am a Irish fan I would sit there on Saturdays when I was kid with my Dad and watch the Tide play. He would always try to get me by saying, and The Crimson Tide Rolls On! It drove me crazy. After I had moved out I would always try and go by to watch Alabama with him on Saturdays. Up until his death in 1990 he still said The Crimson Tide Rolls On every Saturday we were watching. Itís funny how something that drove me crazy as kid made me smile in my late teens and early twenties and now I would give anything to hear it. Love You Dad. Anyway, sorry about that. A little sentimental moment. The Pro success is from ex-Broncos WR Vance Johnson. Vance signed my card and included a card of his own. On the back of the return envelope he wrote ďadded 2nd card thanksĒ He then signed it included his number and added God Bless. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/16/21- One for the Yankees collection. Ex-Yankees backup catcher Jerry Narron signed my card in 45 days. He returned my $10. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/10/21- My longest return ever ex-Capitals RW Peter Bondra sent me two signed cards in 4,939 days!!! He didnít sign the card I sent. He did send two nicer cards. On the front of my return envelope with the 2007 stamp it said On the back flap of the envelope it said ďPlease do not send againĒ Weird. Guess I wonít be sending again. Almost want to send a note that said: Dude, that was almost 14 years ago! I think it was forwarded to Past Pros and they sent it out. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/08/21- Two-time NBA & ABA All-Star ďPogo JoeĒ Joe Caldwell signed my card in 56 days. I was a huge fan of the ABA growing up. My first basketball ever was a red, white and blue ABA ball. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/06/21- Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson signed my card in 17 days. I included a $10 donation. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/02/21- One in from the gridiron today. Eagles DE Brandon Graham signed my card in 40 days.c/o Philadelphia Eagles. He didnít answer my questions. The autograph got a little smudged but I am happy to get this one back. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!

02/01/21- One in today from the world of the NBA. Three time NBA Champ James Edwards signed both of my cards and answered my questions. I had checked my informed mail delivery for today and it showed a success from Philadelphia PA. So I get home and it is James Edwards, but that is from Metroplex MI! So where is my success from PA! Hopefully it shows up tomorrow. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

01/28/21- No TTM today. I did knock another Yankee off of my 96 World Series 8x10. ďPaulieĒ Paul OíNeill from a Private Signing on SCN with Signatures4u. Highly recommend Lou. He returned my photo in a 7 days after the signing and it was packaged so well nothing could have happened to it. Thanks again Lou! Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

01/11/21- A great day at the box today! Three successes to report. First, 3x All-Star and Padres Hall of Farmer Nate Colbert signed my card in 36 days. Nate answered my questions. I included $20. Next, a player that could hit a baseball almost farther than anyone but strikeout more than anyone. Wily Mo Pena signed my card unfortunately he didnít answer my questions. I included $10. Lastly, one from the gridiron. One of the safeties in one of the best secondaries ever. Deron Cherry signed my card and answered my questions. Long time since I have had a multi success day. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

01/05/21- Today I received a gift from my longtime friend Mark. Mark and I have known each other for years. He has helped me so much over the years. Mark was the one that helped me launch my website 20 years. Mark sent me three awesome cards. Jerry Grote, Willie McGee and Kirk McCaskill. Thank You for the cards and your friendship throughout the years. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

01/05/21- One in today, Ex-Lions and Steelers qb Charlie Batch signed my card in 76 days. Charlie also answered my questions. I included $10. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

12/31/20- Two in today. First the eBay find, Redskins DE Montez Sweat Panini Majestic Rookie Signatures card. With shipping it was under $10. Next, the oldest living Major Leager, Eddie Robinson signed in 12 from home. I included $10. Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year, be safe. GOD BLESS!!!

12/27/20- SUNDAY MAIL!!! In from a Private Signing that was on SCN, 2009 World Series MVP GODZILLA! Hideki Matsui. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

12/26/20- MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!! One in today, ex-Rams and 49ers kicker Bruce Gossett signed 1 card in 12 days. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

12/23/20- Part two to my mail day. Isiah Thomas back from a Private Signing. Had asked and paid for the Hall of Fame inscription but didnít happen. Promoter is refunding the $35. Still happy to add Isiah Thomas to my collection. Now, thatís all for today. GOD BLESS!!!

12/23/20- One in today, 1990ís All Decade Kickoff Returner Michael Bates signed 2 cards in 40 days. Unfortunately he didnít answer my questions but thatís ok I appreciate him taking the time to sign. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

12/21/20- One success today and one from a Private signing. First the success. Mike Gann ex-Irish and Falcons DE Mike Gann signed my two cards and answered my questions. Next, from a Private Signing on SCN ex-Ravens WR/KR/PR Jermaine Lewis signed two cards for me. Thatís all for now. GOD BLESS!!!

12/19/20- Nineteen days since my last success. Today brought a really cool success. Mike Sirotka signed my card in 15 days and answered my questions. He also included a Thank You note on the questionnaire card for the note. What made this cool for me was that Mike returned my $5 check, that wasnít the cool part. He signed the front of the check, big signature that took up over half of the check he included his #33! Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!


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